Caring for you and your pets’ wellbeing during these challenging times


At the moment many of us are more or less housebound. In times of change wellbeing of both, humans and animals can suffer. As an animal trainer I know that changes can cause problems for animals on the one hand but can also provide chances for change to the better on the other hand.


I offer a new series of webinars to provide support for you and your pets directly at your home. The webinars focus on issues and challenges arising during this special time and will cover a variety of topics. Listening to the webinars will help responsible pet caretakers to use the extra time with their pets sensibly and efficiently.


The webinars will be offered via Zoom. Each webinar contains a presentation covering the most important features of the topic (about 1 hr) and will be followed by a Q&A section (about 30 min). Every participant is welcomed to ask questions live and we will discuss them right after the webinar.


“A walk isn’t just a walk” – How to make walking your dog more enriching

During this webinar I will focus on how to make this one walk a day more interesting, interactive and therefore challenging for dogs. Lots of easy to follow ideas and exercises that can be done on any walk – no matter where you go – will challenge your dog’s fitness and stimulate her mentally. As an additional bonus these interactive walks will strengthen your relationship and your dog will become more attentive to on walks.


Time:             June 6, 2020 10am



“A tired dog is a good dog” - Enrichment for dogs at home

At the moment we are only allowed to go out for exercise once a day. As a result, your dog might feel bored for the rest of the day and might express behaviour you consider problematic. In this webinar I will give you ideas on how to enrich your dog’s life at home. Lots of creative input will help you to keep your dog stimulated and active - with or without a garden.


Time:             June 1, 2020 5pm



“Pets just want to have fun” - Enrichment for all pets

As we spend more time at home as usual, we can use this to increase our pets’ welfare by enriching their environment in creative and welfare-orientated ways. In this webinar I will focus on different kinds of pets, except dogs (cats, rodents, birds, fish, and reptiles) and provide you with easy to follow ideas on how to keep your pets busy, happy and healthy.


Time:             June 6, 2020 4pm



“You CAN teach an old dog new tricks” - Trick training for dogs and other pets

Tricks are a great and fun way to keep your pets stimulated and busy and to build a good relationship. During this webinar we will cover some training basics and I will provide you with advice on how to train tricks successfully.


Time:             June 10, 2020 5pm


“Making medical training a piece of cake” - Medical Training for dogs and other pets

Many animals are scared of the vet or don’t like being groomed or handled for examinations. With our well prepared and holistic approach to medical training you will find it easier to prepare your animal for those annual health checks or routine grooming. You will learn about how you can teach your pet to cooperate and voluntarily take part in sometimes stressful interventions.


Time:             June 2, 2020 5pm


“Home alone” - How to avoid separation anxiety in our pets

We spend a lot of time in our homes during this crisis, which might be very different to our normal daily routines. Many animals enjoy this and they might have troubles going back to the normal routine. They might develop separation anxiety, even if they haven’t suffered of it before. There are however, measures you can take to make this change back easier for your pet and during this webinar I will give you some advice on how to keep your pets resilient to changes.


Time:             June 3, 2020 5pm


“A sparrow in the hand is better than a pigeon on the roof” - Recall Training for your dog

Walks are much more fun, if your dog can be off leash where it is safe. A reliable recall is the basis of letting your dog run free. During this webinar we will discuss the fundamental steps to train your dog to reliably come back when called.


Time:             June 4, 2020 5pm



“A leash is for communication, not for pulling” - Loose leash walking for dogs

Walking on loose leash can be one of the most challenging behaviours a dog needs to learn. It might look simple to us humans but for dogs the concept of walking relaxed with a loose leash might be much more complicated to understand. I will provide you with different ways on how to train your dog to follow your lead and will show you some fun ways to train this fundamental exercise.


Time:             June 5, 2020 5pm



“When dogs want to practice social distancing” – How to train relaxed dog-dog encounters

Some dogs find it hard to pass other dogs in a relaxed way. There can be several underlying reasons for that and during this webinar, we will discuss different ways to get by and make the daily walk more relaxed and enjoyable for everybody.


Time:             June 11, 2020 5pm



To register please send me an email with the name of the webinar and the time. The fee is payable to the following account: 


Sort code: 206088

Acc#: 40165662

IBAN: GB43 BARC 20608840165662


Reference: "name of the course"

Registration fee for each webinar is 15£.

Register for three webinars for 35£.

Registration is open until 12 hrs before event. 




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